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Two Foolish Lottery Strategies

Two Foolish Lottery Strategies

Few people would disagree that there is an over abundance of lottery advice out there. It’s everywhere. Do you know anyone who consistently loses at the lotto? You probably do, and if you do, you are probably trying to find a foolproof lottery strategy to win. Few people would disagree that there is probably no foolproof strategy for the lotto, either.

Yet still people play every week, and continue to lose. Why? I would argue that it is precisely because of such an absence of a foolproof strategy, and also, I would say, such an abundance of false hope.

In this article today, I’m going to discuss two strategies that many people play on a regular basis, and why it is that they continue to use them. The reason that they don’t win is simple: they don’t stop playing when they don’t have a chance of winning.

The first common strategy is one that many people call “hot streaks”. In essence, when they draw the lottery ticket in the hopes of winning, (or staying cool when they don’t) they continue to play. However, when they start to lose, (or their chances start to go down) they quickly get out of the game before it is too late.

The reason that this strategy works is that most people have the inexperienced tendency to believe that someday, they too will win. They have won just a few scratch offs or lottery cards before, so they think that they are up to the challenge. They start another game, and within a few weeks, they lose again. After they lose, they have spent more money in hopes of winning the lotto than they would have spent on some other game.

The second common strategy is to pick numbers that have not recently won. When I say “dewatogel” numbers, I mean that they are usually the ones that people play. However, the problem is that those numbers are more likely to win once or twice, then lose and come back, (as many winning numbers tend to do,) but you cannot predict when they are going to win or lose.

Unfortunately the combination of numbers that you choose has exactly the same chance of winning as “hot” numbers. The problem with “hot” numbers is that they seem to make people crazy, (but that’s just my opinion.) Whether the “hot” numbers are going to win or lose, it doesn’t matter; the calculations still go on.

Unfortunately the average person can’t tell the difference. They might say that certain numbers are more likely to win, (like 8 is more likely to come up than 7, or 11 is more likely to appear than 10 or 13) but the numbers that they are picking do the exact same job as the numbers that they are picking. If hot numbers really did win more often, then the casinos would remove them.

Also, the casinos know that a lot of people are going to be picking the same numbers. So, over the years, the deck has been stacked against those numbers, and they have had the scientific advantage over you.

There is no way to mathematically beat the house. There is no sure formula that will tell you when to walk away, and when to stay. It’s purely luck, and the house has a nearly 5 to 1 advantage over the player. Over time, the fewer people that play, the greater that advantage.

I’m not going to go into the mathematical formulas or how to figure out what numbers will win. It should be easy to do. Instead, I’m going to give you lottery tips that will improve your chances.

First, throw out your lucky number sheet. You have them, (even if you don’t have cash to scratch off,) and you are probably stuck with them. Second, look at the big picture. Is there a more likely way to win, even if it’s just a little bit? If there is, (and you believe there is,) start playing.

Remember that the more you play, the more you have a chance of winning. Sure, lucky numbers may increase your chances of winning, but if you play consistently, you will win.