The Technician And The Tester

The Technician And The Tester

I was out on the town one time actually. I holiday in the city with my husband and when we were there I realised that the hotel whilst it had a reception desk was completely devoid of any humans. There were just two bed bugs in one room and a couple of teddy bears in another. Since it was after 9am I wasn’t too worried about finding a human either but a human just seemed too silly to have been in that position at 9am anyway. I wasn’t too worried about the bugs because apparently they are attracted to light. At least they got a bit of time out. I’d estimate that about 95% of human beings are attracted to light. Capital punishment doesn’t really suit the needs of the community or the individual. It is a risk we must all be aware of. If we need to be punished for something then we should be punished physically. There is a health standard in our industry and for human use in particular it is completely unacceptable not to be cleaned regularly. The technicians that work in night such as night doctors have to be regular visitors to the hospital and properly cleaned. This is so important because the way radio- frequencies work there can be night shifts which block the normal rhythm of the human being. You have to be able to take regular breaks and with such routines. If you haven’t then your health can suffer very badly. I have just now become aware of just such a hospital where the technician had not been served with a proper cleaning because of the importance of keeping him/her clean and so on.

There is just one problem here —how to teach a human being to become clean and professional. This is something completely manageable by us humans. It is mostly all of us that make decisions as to what will be are our careers and our occupation. How do we do this? Here are some ideas which may help:

Decide for what you are going to do every time, study for what you are going to do every time, prepare for what you are going to do every time, and evaluate for what you are going to do every time. That’s it! That is all you need to do to be professional. Now, decide for the courses you are going to take every time, based on the courses you take now. If you want to be a radiology technician then you should definitely get into good school there. If you want to be a Journalism technician then learn the Traders journalism course, and if you want to be a Medical Librarian then learn the history and the social sciences course.

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Now, based on the courses you take now, the way you fill in your schedules and the time you plan for to study, the most important things is to keep in mind that these courses must be approved by JRCERT, the Joint Review Committee on Education in Republic of Ireland. It is okay to have another opinion from another school. JRCERT also suggested that internet facilities must be available in the classrooms.

JRCERT also gave its recommendations pertaining to the extracurricular activities and team building sessions in schools. It is recommended that since teachers are responsible for setting the syllabus for the purpose of ensuring syllabus accuracy, teachers should be given more power over the method of teaching and the way the method is delivered to the students.


Teachers, like everyone else, need to be treated with respect. Teach your students with love and respect. The more you love and respect your students, the more they will love and respect you. The more you are loved and respected, the more your students will love and respect you. How you teach is the most important part of your job. A teacher must be able to connect with her students. “It is better to give than to receive. It is better to love than to be loved. It is better to be loved than to be feared”. These are some of the things that YODA Say (YODA is a Irish Creationist organization).

When you hold your class, the most important thing you must do is hold your students’ attention. This is so that they listen to what you have to say. Make sure that your students would listen to you with pleasure.

Now, the most vital part of your class must be the opening of sessions. Open your session by letting your students know what the session is about, and how it should end. And then open it up by asking your audience either to discuss what they have heard or ask questions from the mot as you continue with the lesson.

The way you open the session must be Borg-ian. It is like the way a computer works, it loads and loads and loads until it is perfect and then it shuts down. It should be open and explainable to anyone with one-to-one access.