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How to Win at the Slot Machines - Secret Formula Strategies That Work

How to Win at the Slot Machines – Secret Formula Strategies That Work

Wanting to learn how to win at the slot machines? Well, it’s not as easy as it seems. You may think the odds are just about even or probably worse, but the truth is they are not. There is a formula to getting it right more often than not, but the problem is, nobody is sharing it.

There is a small secret formula strategies on the internet that will help you even more than 90% of the time. This creates a huge opportunity for you and once you learn this you will be able to win at the slots even if the casinos do have the odds in their favor.

More than likely you don’t have the knowledge or know how to go about really going about winning the casino trust. If you did, you would have already followed a very simple proven strategy and you never need to repeat that process ever again. The formulas are so simple, you don’t even have to remember them.

The reason that most of the formula strategies fail is because they are copied and tucked away as some kind of a secret. When a consistent strategy is developed, it can be very profitable and it can help you in the long run, not just now, but every other day of the week. This is the principle.

To develop a consistent strategy a good understanding of random number selection is important. As you note down the results of your various cards or wheel spins, you make a number of different combinations. The ones you are not going to play are your least considered decisions. That is, they are usually the ones you don’t play and you shouldn’t either.

Some of those combinations are the ones you could actually prove quite profitable. You may not even need them to begin with but if they are presented with the right circumstances, like being in a specific slot, an otherwise attractive online prop or being in play during a tournament, they may be worth a shot. That is, as long as the right cards are being played.

The reality is that no strategy is ever weather or not. Bullets don’t always bounce in a specific direction. If a .45 has more force behind it than a 7, it will bounce in a slight different arc than a 7 will. Cups aren’t always full on the table. The object with a .45 is to miss the cup, not hit it. Sometimes the same thing vitally matters in poker that was once mentioned in passing:

.45 and 7(h) = 46%, +110 = 51.5%, -110 = 49%

But, again, until you are ready to make the final step and are no longer using blanks, you are not going to be able to remember which is which. In this case, too, the experienced player has limited regard for the true odds because he is only 99.5% sure of the final result. The object of the game is not to express the exact odds of the event, but to allow the inexperienced player to make an informed decision reasonable with less fear of the unknown.

Once you are certain that the odds of the event are better than predicted, you have two options:

  1. You can play the event, betting the place. If you are not sure of the odds, you can play the place, betting the odds. This is even money, bets on both. You play the safer route, even though the odds are higher, because you are betting the place odds, not so much the odds against the place. You may win at some place, but you lose some too and the casino wins.
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