How to Spot a Fake Diamond

How to Spot a Fake Diamond

Diamonds are a gift that are passed through generations. It is the symbol of value, wealth, and beauty. In safer past, people used to buy diamonds and jewelry as status symbols, today they are used for enhancing their social and economic conditions. This gift of diamonds has become a way to tie people together socially.

If you are diamond jewelry’s gift, how to you pass it on? Educate yourself and become the ultimate diamond shopper.

  1. Diamonds are for everybody: This is the most popular myth that diamonds are only for girls and pretty pretty ladies. But if you are looking for a diamond that is durable and gives you enough value, then you need to look beyond.
  2. Buy less expensive diamonds: There is a rule that the cheaper the diamond the worse it is. However, this is not always true. You may be able to find a dull, devalued diamond that is worth more than a well cut one. So, to save money, buy the best diamond you can find instead.
  3. Buy alike: This one may seem a contradiction because I am advocating buying different colored diamonds. But it works. When I compare a green diamond with a same one, I just cannot decide which one is better. Thus, I buy the same diamond.
  4. For girls: if you buy a diamond with a clarity grade smaller than 6 and with larger diameter, then usually the seller will not take any more than a 40ct grading fee.

If you have decided to buy a diamond online, then the best way to check the clarity is to drop it in water. You can read the color and evaluate it for yourself. Forget the obvious signs of dirt. Focus on the technical aspect of the diamond instead.

  1. For bigger value: cubic zirconia is very popular for bigger jewelry. Although it is less common than diamond, it is sometimes used for setting. Although you cannot buy a diamond with a diamond core, you may be able to buy a ring with a diamond shaper.

Big is the word for diamond in the English language. Although there are other colors and sizes, but they do not mean to be as big as a diamond. Although by buying a larger diamond, there is no rule of quality for smaller diamonds. Therefore you may want to be careful.

  1. Diamond will last longer: true. Diamonds are minerals that are thermodynamically stable. That is, they usually have the ability to resist temperature changes. As a diamond owner, you should understand that typically diamonds will lose one to two percent of their weight over the course of one to two years.

If you want to give your diamond the appreciation it deserves, be sure to buy a diamond that is unique and a beautiful flower is present to every buyer. A memorable experience will always make the diamond happy and will also ensure that it follows the owner for a long time.

  1. It’s a symbol of wealth: true. Diamonds have been used throughout history to buy and gift, and they still are used to buy jewelry today. A decent ring will last longer and give you more confidence in your money.

Diamonds are as popular today as they have always been. There are plenty of fashion experts who understand the value of a diamond. buying a diamond will not break your bank. Corrupt businessmen as well as prominent economists believe that there is only one reliable way to treat a man who has money – and that is through the acquisition of a diamond.

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Buying a diamond is a classic example of scarcity. Once you have made a decision to buy a diamond, you have to be sure to buy the best quality.anges from wholesale price to retail price depending on where you shop. While shopping for a diamond, how do you determine what size to go for? Here are some tips to help you decide.

  • tip: regardless of what size the diamond is, there will be a diamond in the center. The easiest way to tell if a diamond is the right size is by its size alone. The smaller the diamond, the larger the center.
  • tip: regardless of what color the diamond is, that same color will appear in the center of the diamond. If the diamond is yellow, it is usually the middle color or color.
  • Tip: if the diamond is cut, it usually has the same cut.

Diamonds originally were the “crown” of the kingdom. Once they were discovered, it was split into 200 different pieces. The famous word diamond comes from the Latin word de very, which means “diamond of the kingdom.” Because of their size, clarity, and color, diamonds are used for jewelry and are marked with jewels.

As most people know, there are three types of diamond: the colorless,ractive, and cut stones.