How to Increase Small Business Profit By Expanding and Automating What You Do

How to Increase Small Business Profit By Expanding and Automating What You Do

Let me ask you this: What’s more important to you as a small business owner, flying by the seat of your pants, getting by day-to-day, and watching your business shrink or establishing a platform to profit later?

In my experience, no one is interested in your past, or your future. But, if you’re selling the same things to people in the local market, you’re probably going to get the same results. You’re going to impose the same limitations on yourself if that’s where you’re going to operate.

Putting up a website where you have to do pretty much everything from scratch seems like an extremely costly way to get into business. You may get away for a while, but when the next business in your area opens up, your competitor’s going to be in there too. And you’ll be fighting for customers because you, too, are looking at that as a real investment.

Before I had started my own small business, we received our $5.00 savings coupons, thank-you cards, and 32 cent stamps. Believe it or not, we collected warm leads who were interested in buying a basic website and making a few extra bucks.

And the last thing we did was pay for our ad blog. That was a lifesaver. I didn’t think being an advertiser would be lucrative, and it wasn’t. I had considered keeping the same ad blog for advertising purposes, and I even increased it two cents each week, but when it came time to capture names, it really didn’t come to fruition. They weren’t all that interested in buying again, but if they did, they came back again. It turned out that it was more cost effective to just create our own ad blog for our business.

How about saving a few bucks? If you want to continue to have fun with your business, wouldn’t it be great if you could get the same award you’re getting now? What’s more important: that you enjoy the way it is, or that you’re not missing opportunities? The answers can help you decide if the Internet is right for your business.

For example, say your typical cold-call site has 100+ pages for a few different services, and you don’t have any advertising. Thus, you probably need a place to track our response rate or get an idea for the things you need to do to do them better.

What if you have your own hardware store, aren’t there an easier way to tell how to make your stock faster? With one simple press of a button, a manicure machine does all the work, at your desk, and can do it while you’re still “between appointments.” The question isn’t whether or not people have something on their hands with your business, but whether or not they are coming to see you.

When you are in control of the goals-for you and your business-you gain by taking the time to implement solutions. Whereas if you are forced to jump around for the answers, you can lose as much as or more money than if you were to take control of the process.

For many small business owners, charting your course is almost unacceptable. But if you’re getting anything other than satisfactory returns, it’s crucial that you do at least that much anyway. The long-term advantages of doing things your way versus the way someone else is doing them will be hard for most to realize.

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Putting it all together in one place, including the online and offline world, can be a huge advantage. Your results’ll be more meaningful for the investment, and if you’re already a real estate investor, cooking a little bit every day will provide you with more time to work on things you need to do to set things up for profits.