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How to Find a Cheaper Place to Bet

How to Find a Cheaper Place to Bet

I’ll tell you how to find a cheaper place to bet where you can get better odds. This would be the cheapest way to get better odds especially where no book will give you good odds.

TheQuestion: Given an outcome, such as a coin toss, we have a betting strategy of betting ‘on the send’ whether it will be Red or Black. We also have a statistical approach to betting where we bet our money on the odds we think the outcome will fall. However, the problem we have is that we don’t know when the outcome will be and so our better strategy should be to bet when we think there will be a greater chance of it happening.

Ans: This is where a bookmaker comes in. Instead of you having to pay to have better odds, you can pay a price for an outcome – say 20 pence. This will give you better odds than if you were to place your bet on the ‘win’ part of the coin toss. The downside is that although you may win less than if you had gone to the bookmaker you would have lost the ability to predict the outcome (we want to be able to predict the outcome, not ensure we win every time).

Therefore, the bookmaker comes in and protects the bookmaker’s reputation by making the prices more attractive compared to other gamblers. When you place your bets at the bookmaker’s website, you are taking a risk but at least it is a risk that the bookmaker is not taking – after all, he is in the business to make money.

However, the question remains – how do you find a cheaper way to bet?

There are a few ways of doing this, which I will discuss in this article.

The easiest area to start in is by using the automatic commission calculator. Many people sign up to online bookmakers accounts using the automatic commission calculators to determine how much their bet should be, before they place their bets. This means that you can pretty much leave the computer at home and place your bets without having to do the math yourself. However, it does make the process a little quicker and easier, although if you use the automatic calculator on a daily basis this may become a little tiresome.

Another way of finding the best deal is by using the testimonials in the online bookmakers adverts. Goodness knows how many people say they have won so many unusual shaped bets that they look like lottery tickets. This might mean that some of these ‘instances’ are not as unusual as they appear to be. Of course you can’t follow all of these steps blindly but then again you may develop your own method of betting which may have worked for you in the past.

The best piece of advice that I can give is that although you can expect to get back less than you risk, you should not expect to get stuck for it! It’s about playing Egp88 within your limits and having a fun time with your bookies.