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Pick 3 Lottery Addiction

Pick 3 Lottery Addiction

First of all would you like to win the lotto? Of course you would, and it would be all too easy just to steal the $10K you deserve. But then you’re faced with a dilemma. Or maybe it’s not a dilemma, but an dilemma on just how to overcome the addiction that has plagued you for years. Everyone’s different, but in my experience here’s some common traits commonly exhibited in Pick 3 lottery players:

  1. They don’t like to lose. Of course they do, lotto has a built-in house advantage of 32%-40% in the pick 3. That means, however much money you are willing to throw down the drain, you can’t exactly raise your expected return by much. Those multiplying numbers didn’t scare you as they did the characters in The DaVinci Code or any other similarly themed movie.
  2. They Unlimited their bets. When you win, you expect to win again, and again. The hope is that at some point you’ll win enough that you’ll be able to financially avail yourself of your winnings and live the lifestyle you aspire to. Well, the good news is, you can’t win every time. The most you can do is limit your expenditure and hope your wins are sufficiently large enough to offset your losses and still leave you with a profit.
  3. They play a number of additional games. The thinking behind this is that if you play 7 ball lotto, you have a better chance of winning (by far) than if you play 6 ball lotto. But I have news for you. The more games you play, the less your chance of winning. The assumption becomes, however, that you are going to be able to win, but you have a much better chance of losing. Perhaps that’s simplifying things too much.

My point is, there is no treatise on how to win the bola88. Just a reminder to myself that I’m no scientist and I don’t know how to spin the wheel, but I know there’s a wheel and it has 38 numbers spun on it. I also know there are 38 numbers evenly positioned around the wheel. Those numbers aren’t in tiers, they aren’t in stripes, they aren’t in beer bottles – they’re all different. And the closer you get to picking one particular number, the less likely it is for you to win.

And that those last two paragraphs contained the truth. Theanswers are facile lies because there’s no system within the system that could give you a sure fire formula to win the lotto. None. If you’re looking for a sure fire formula, you’re going to have to settle for the idea that the lottery is random and that your chances of picking a specific number is the same as anyone else’s. Because you can’t control the outcome of the numbers, you can only increase your chances. That’s all.

I’ve been playing for approximately 15 years. For the first 6 of those, I thought I could win the big one. That was before I ever heard the term, science of lotto. Rather than playing a numbers game, I chose to play a numbers game with better odds. That’s a strategy I still follow today. The mindset has shifted my thinking to a strategy more along the lines of investment analysis. You can do things the right way and higher probability of success. It’s not glamorous, but if you can build a system that gives you a return of 7% or more on your money spent, than you have what it takes to be successful in the financial world.

It’s October 26th, 2008. I’m feeling relaxed and secured. Five days prior to the big day, I wake up and celebration of the day before. No pressure. No guilt. No regret. It’s a day I’ll never forget. I decide if I want to have an extra ordinary life, I should close the book on the book about picking winning lotto numbers. I meet with my family and friends and we discuss our gratitude for what we already have and where we want to go. We decide we’re on a New Year’s agenda? I haven’t a clue what I’m going to do but I know I’ll probably win a car, a home and other material things. We discuss how we’ll continue to grow our family withoutory thought to spend money on things we want and deserve. Ultimately we come to the conclusion that no matter how much time we spend planning, we’re not going to move up in our career, so we’re going to save money else stop playing.

I get my first check from the Lotto America. $2,500.00! It was a moment I will never forget. I fell in love with their advertising and now I was playing the lottery for my shot at the American dream.