Best Sought Educational Platform

Best Sought Educational Platform

Mobile classrooms have drawn a lot of criticisms and understandings across the globe. While a learner can hardly be expected to absorb or even necessarily comprehend a text book lesson, a single lesson can be punctuated at any time with the use of mobiles. This is the reason why the ever increasing popularity of mobiles has taken a toll on the academic institutions and the teachers who depend on them for punctuating their lessons.

But, despite the criticisms, there remains a need to understand the underlying factors that led to the invention of mobiles and how they have integrated in the classroom. It is truth that the greatest stress is laid on the fact that the mobile offers almost closest to instant learner response compared to the traditional classrooms. It is collections like these that help to make the concept of intermittent or real time lessons quiteatively feasible for the educators and the learners.

But, ever since its invention, there have been debates on the benefits of mobile learning. These debates have been largely focused on evaluation of the tool itself, the method of instruction and the extent of integration.

Weighted Score

One of the core benefits of mobile learning is the ability to receive immediate feedback. Since the mobile does not have a conventional chalkboard and an animal hide behind, the student is the only possible user of the given tool. Being a student of fashion, the student can easily appreciate the simplicity of using the mobile. Any ideas that come from the application of the tool can be saved in the file system for future reference. This makes a big difference in terms of time spent in learning.

“.@” is one of the most commonly quoted names of abbreviation. But where exactly does this name come from? Well, the same origin that gave us “Bob Marley”, which is actually derived from the English word “bob”, which was a favorite name of 19th century writer, and rum drinker, Henry Tudor.

Teddy Bear

Columbus Light Companies, the makers of the Zippo lighters, built the world’s most popular lighters, at the time, these lighters were used by every single American. However, there were not many companies that developed specific lighters for specific purposes. It was all started with Zippo’s marketing strategy that produced thousands of Zippo lighters in every color, size and shape imaginable.

Since then, there have been nearly 100 million Zippo lighters sold all around the globe. These lighters have a large fan base across the globe which gives the company the potential for a lifetime of success.

Teddy’s in the Classroom

Research has concluded that the most success is achieved by teaching products and using them effectively. Since the school day and the lessons are usually short, there is little time for training and the use of innovative tools.

Thus, modern classrooms have a range of such interactive tools which engage students and keep them engaged. A good example of this is the Interactive Whiteboard. This is capable of connecting to a computer and shared classes available for teaching across subjects and disciplines. A pen-shaped interactive wireless board, connected to a computer that supports Mac and Windows, the boards have around 35 different interactive software and classes.

Each class has a unique interactive software driver and a digital pen that allows the teacher and the students to write on each other in the virtual classroom. Students are then able to see their notes in the form of an electronic whiteboard, which gives them the ability to chat, search, illustrate and present other resources virtually. In some cases, a student’s efforts are blocked by the teacher, forcing them to repeat or use another interactive software.

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The popularity of the IWB has grown to such an extent that many companies have developed specific interactive software for use in the various classroom environments. Some of these are plain and simple with the aim of allowing teachers and their students to work together online. Others are more sophisticated and enhance the learning experience through the use of softwares that provide detailed information on the students’ progresses, class projects, online chats and video interviews with the teachers.

Video tutorials and internet have made it easier for beginners to use IWB systems. First of all, the traditional classroom methods are modified for the use of IWB. Secondly, the video tutorials and other related material can be directly posted on the internet. Member of the class can then go online to view the video tutorials individually.